Mastermind Sessions

Connect | Grow | Lead

Join a mastermind session.

Running a business is no easy task. All too often we feel alone, hoping that our ideas and skills will provide for those who depend on our business to be a success. 

You are not alone. Be part of our exclusive community of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners and experts. Learn from our group’s experience and knowledge. Each session is topic led and includes expert Q & A. 

When you join a mastermind session, you will most likely find ways to help while learning techniques in an open and honest way. Our mastermind group needs you just as much as you need us, so the quality of your experience and knowledge is crucial. 

Once you join, you cannot help but think bigger and stretch your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.


  1. Collaborate with us. 
  2. Share and learn from the group’s successes and failures.
  3. Extend your network.
  4. Think bigger.

Mastermind Topic Schedule

Jan 12 – Turn 1 Lead into 5
Jan 26 – How to Optimize Your Videos
Feb 9 – Stock Photos Suck – How we use images
Feb 23 – Essentials for Getting Patients in the Door
March 9 – Utilizing An Online Scheduler
March 23 – The Patient Request Phone Call
April 6 – Optimizing Results With Texts
April 20 – Warm, Warmer, Hot Leads
May 4 – Organic Social Media
May 18 – Asking for Referrals (internal referrals)
June 1 – Dinner with Doctor
June 15 – Sellable Items in Clinic
June 29 – Other services / Integrations (Massage, PT, MedSpa, regeneration)
July 13 – Nurturing Current Patients
July 27 – Day to Day operations (follow up sequences for communicating with patients after discharge, follow up for new evals)

*These sessions are invite only