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Thanks for your interest. We are excited that you are here to learn more about expanding your practice and helping more people. In return for this offer, we only ask that you share with one other practitioner. Please use the information in this offer to reach more people and build a very successful wellness business. 

Successful businesses can afford the resources to help more people. Our team has had success from people who have helped us throughout our careers, so therefore this information and our team’s time is our gift to you.


  • Learn about digital marketing techniques from expert Dr. Colin Swala
  • Discover how to expand your practice with our patient lead generation and patient-oriented solutions with Russ von Frank
  • Gain valuable exposure to potential patients with a free listing on Family Health Advocacy’s Directory

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  4. Free Listing on Family Health Advocacy (priceless)

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After you complete the form below, we will send you an email with how to get started. So we ask in return to use the information to help others. Help us spread the effectiveness of wellness interventions to keep the momentum going.

What you will receive.

Free discovery call with Russ von Frank II.

Gain outside perspective from a high-level executive and business coach with over 20 years of experience.

Free mastermind session guest pass.

Connect, grow and lead. Receive one free Mastermind session invitation. Top business minds share ideas around a bi-weekly schedule of topics. 

Free listing in our wellness directory.

Our trained onboarding experts will do the heavy lifting for you by putting up your practitioner and practice profile for an awesome SEO boost. 

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